Rule Type: Booking Option: Add OSI / SSR entries on a PNR?

Rule Type: Booking Option: Add OSI / SSR entries on a PNR?

This article defines how Booking Option rule type (an additional paid rule type) empowers a user to add OSI/SSR entries to a PNR.

Why Rules?
The benefit of adding these options via rules is you get the overall architecture of rules, that allows the many filters that are available and a user is already used to when defining discounts/markups.

What entries are supported via this rule type?
This new rule type can support the following entires:
OSI - other service information
TCB - Tour Code

RCR - Restricted Remarks

Note: If you're not familiar with what these entries are or how they are used, you should not be using this rule type. Also, this functionality is currently supported for Amadeus only and is in development for Sabre and TravelPort.

How to define a new rule for Booking Option?

As with other rule types, users with access to this rule type will proceed to the Rules Management Page and choose the rule type "Booking Option".

Please note, you can enter multiple by separating them by "," (comma), however please note that the support varies by GDS and you must be aware if the GDS allows for this. Our testing has shown us that you can only enter 1 entry for Tour Code / OSI and adding multiple may lead to errors.

When defining this rule type, there is no change to price done by Odysseus, we send these entries at time of create booking and saving prices (as applicable).

Similar to other rules on the Odysseus platform, we provide the capability for the user to define rules using certain filters as shown in the screen shot below:

Each filter selected becomes a requirement for the rule to apply.  So if three filters are selected, all three filters must match the booking for the rule to apply. 

This is an add-on rule type that is not included by default for all clients. Additional costs may also apply based on client subscription. If you do not see this option and would like to use it, please create a support ticket requesting access to the "Booking Option Rule Type" and our team will inform of costs as applicable and after approval enable the rule type for you.