AdminAffDisplayName - Change user details display on admin dashboard

AdminAffDisplayName - Change user details display on admin dashboard

This article will help a user manage the user details displayed of the logged-in user on the admin dashboard. 

The preference AdminAffDisplayName gives the ability to a site admin to manage the way the user details are displayed on the top on the admin dashboard page. 

Supported Variables: 

<<LoggedInUser_UserName>> - Username of the logged-in user <<LoggedInUser_FirstName>> - First name of the logged-in user <<LoggedInUser_LastName>> - Last name of the logged-in user <<LoggedInUser_Email>> - Email ID of the logged-in user

Please see the image below for where these fields are populated. (Please note that the above values are case sensitive)

A user may use more than one variable in the site preference.  The display will follow the order of the variables entered as well. 

For example: if the value of this preference is <<LoggedInUser_FirstName>> <<LoggedInUser_LastName>> - <<LoggedInUser_UserName>>  for a user having username as Test1, first name as ABC and last name as XYZ, the user details will be displayed as ABC XYZ - Test1 on the admin dashboard. 

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